How do I Add Lives And A Score Screen

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  • So i'm new making games in Construct 2 and i decide to code from zero the demo

    "Autorunner" to know some things, but i see 2 things in this demo

    The counter of Score Restarts in the original demo so i throw out that option

    There is nothing like Lifes and a final score to show at the end of the game, it's just well "Autorunning" LOL

    so i want to know if you can help me or say me how i can add this two things to my game

    i'm making it for Kongregate so i want to have a leaderboard too but that's optional at the end

    I just want to know how to add a Final Score Screen and Lives (With a Visual representation in the game)

    thanks a lot

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  • A simple way is to build your 'final' screen in your topmost layer and set that layer to initially be visible.

    Then at end of game set the score and lives then set that layer to visible.

    Easy as pie!

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