How do I add an intro sequence ^_^

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  • Greetings!

    My question is very simple though i am a terrible explainer, i wanted to ask;

    Can one in Construct 2 add a logo before the game begins? For example when you play a game you will always see the developers name and some effects before the main title menu.

    You start the game and you see some logo effects that turns into a name ---> ''random'' productions! (With some sounds) -> and right after that come to the main title screen (new game, load game etc) ?

    If one can do that with C2 when releasing a game for android or ios, does this have to be made in a movie maker and imported with the app/game or right in C2? (to make it an event shooting off first) ?

    I wanted to make a short 15-21 sec long clip about some effects turning into a name before the game airs and you are able to play it.

    Thank you for your time! ^_^

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  • The intro would just be a separate layout that runs before your main menu. Use some timed events ("Wait X seconds, Play animation Y, Wait X seconds, etc..."), with the final one being "Go to layout 'Main Menu'". Ideally there would also be an option to skip that stuff with whatever your main action button is (nobody wants to sit through a 20-second intro every time).

  • It's pretty easy to make splash screens in c2. If your logo - animation is more complicated, you can try the New Video plugin:-)

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