How do I add gamecenter to my game

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  • So I use cocoon JS to publish my android game. Now I know you should be able to use online highscores. I also see some of the actions on construct 2 and a lot of them are pretty clear.

    • However I was wondering if there was a manual on how to go about. I have a few basic questions so far
    • Do I need to make use of the gameservices tab on Google Developer website?
    • Or it this managed on cocoon js side?
    • Can I only test it after uploading my game on Playstore or can I test it with a debug signed standard from cocoonjs?
    • Or maybe even with the Cocoonjs launcher?

    Thanks for anyone who want to help me.

    Excuse for my somewhat bad english

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  • Hello,

    • You have to configure your Scores/Achievements in Google Developer Website.
    • It is not managed on CocoonJS side.
    • You can upload the apk, once it is signed and aligned, to Google Play in beta in order to do some testing.
    • You can compile a Custom Launcher and upload that app in beta.


  • thank you for your response, so far its working great. Really like using Cocoonjs(ludei) for my construct 2 projects

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