how to add game to scirra's arcade?

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  • Hello .... i made a game

    but i cant manage to zip the game properly it keeps on saying tht the zip is not on the whitelist when i try to add it .... i checked the *how to forum* got nothing D:

    sooooo any suggestions?

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    p.s yeah i am kinda nooby :P just started construct 2 soooo <_< simple words would be awesome

  • There are certain object types / plugins that are not supported on the Arcade - it lists these when you are trying to upload.

  • You don't need to zip the game by yourself, use the in-IDE Scirra arcade export.

    Check this tutorial that should explain all the process.

  • i tried the method b4 aswell .... didnt work for me for some reason o,o

  • Are you using the zip to Scirra Website option on the export menu? I know it sounds dumb, but when I first tried I didn't pay much attention and just zipped as HTML5 and got that error. You need to make sure you're using the Scirra option.

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  • Hey! I got the same error too the first time I uploaded a game! Do not add any extra folders/subfolders. Just the zip that was produced by Construct 2.

    I received the error becuase somehow (I honestly don't remember how), I created an extra folder in the zip file that contained all the scripts and media of the game.

    I hope this info helps! Let us know once you are able to upload your masterpiece!

  • Well ty all for the responses ...

    and ik abt the zip file to export it into scirra arcade ...

    didnt work tho :P

    ill try this again on a diff laptop now hope it works :D

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