How do I add Game Center Support and test it?

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  • Hi there!

    everything worked with Ejecta, but now I have to use Cordova and nothing works anymore...

    here is an example of my cordova code, maybe you can point out what I did wrong:

    What I want to achieve here is, that it shows a list of achievements when I click on the Achievement Button, it also should authenticate the user, if it is not authenticated already and report the achievements just in case.

    Game Center Authentication and Achievement reports are handled right at the beginning of the game and after a game over

    here is how I've done it with ejecta:



    this one is supposed to update and show the leaderboard.


    problem is, that i can't combine Game Center Conditions with other conditions anymore, like I could with ejecta. The new Game Center Conditions can only be used as top level conditions and not below other conditions (sub-event)

    I'm using Construct2 Release 200

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