How do I add the function object into object list

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  • Hello,

    I used this before and I have like 5 functions already but I can not find the Function object in the object list anymore. It was under general tab before but there is nothing called function in the whole object list.

    How can that be possible and how can I solve this?


  • And also the same thing happens on the newest version. It does not even see the functions written on the previous version. I have the problem on both versions obviously.

  • I also created a bug report. Is it only me who is having this annoying problem?

  • I'm using the Function object in the latest version. Can you post a capx?

  • I know I will sound really like the one that thinks you are stupid and I am sorry for that, but mistakes that are obvious are sometimes the solutions so I will ask:

    Isn't the function object already added to your project?

  • Hi guys,

    As I said, I was using it before and there are still instances of function object in my project and with the 139 release they work, but I can not add any new function instances since the function object is not in the object list that you see when you click on Insert new Object.

    With the release 178 the current function instances are not working at all and also can not add any new ones.

    Since the project is huge and I beleive pretty good it is better if I do not send the capx. But I am readz to follow your suggestions.


  • There is no need to insert new object-instances of the function-object if the function-object is already there..

    In your event sheet you should be able to add on function events and call function actions

    There is only one object but within the event sheet you can adjust the name of the function being called..

    If I'm misunderstanding, could you please elaborate?

  • So you say that I need to use only one instance or you say It is limited to only one instance in a project?

    Attached the screenshots of what I see.

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  • This is by design. The function object is a global object, with one instance that spans the entire project, similar to keyboard, mouse, etc. There's no reason you would ever need more than one, thus they only allow you to add it once.

  • I seee. Thanks people. Obviously I was expecting it differently. Its good to learn.


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