How do I add eventsheet to one layout?

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  • Hello,

    i want to do different levels in my game. If player touches one sprite, it takes him to different level that has different enemies inside. How do I make eventsheet1 belong to layout1 and eventsheet2 belong to layout2?

    If nothing works i also got idea to just copy the 1st level game file and then turn it into html5. After that i would create a form in html and player would have to click on button first level to get to the 1st level in game and then click previous page and click next level, but i dont want to do this just yet. It is kinda stupid way i guess.

  • Check in the properties bar when selecting the layout from the project bar. There should be a property that allows you to choose the event sheet associated with that layout.

    To create new layouts or event sheets, right click in the project bar.

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  • Unfortunately there is only option: edit eventsheet and this leads to eventsheet 1 that is for layout1. I have free version, so maybe its different in paid version, idk.

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