How do I add a directional jump?

  • I'm just getting to grips with Construct2 and so far everything is flowing pretty smoothly.

    However, my character has an animation for a simple jump straight up, but I'd also like her to perform a different animation if she jumps whilst moving left or right. How best would I achieve this?

  • Sure - if the Platform speed is not equal to 0, use a different animation

  • I think this should work:

    Player On jump

    (Sub-Event)Player platform is moving --> Set animation to "this"

    (Sub-Event)Player platform is not moving --> Set animation to "that"

    Same for On landed, if you want to have different animations (Idle, Run)

  • Thank you very much, that's fantastic!

    One last question on the same topic - if I wanted to add an animation in for a pre-jump (so the player crouches down and prepares to spring forward) how would I ensure that this plays before the sprite jumps?

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  • On key down "space" --> Set anim to "pre-jump"

    On anim "pre-jump" finished --> Similate platform pressing jump

    I don't now if this will work, but try it.

  • Thank you for replying, unfortunately that doesn't work for me

    It seems like the pre-jump animation isn't playing at all. However, it is definitely there.

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