How do I add different images to single sprite object

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  • Hi,

    I want to know is there any way to add different images to one single sprite object., as we can do using text object....

    i had taken one text object., write some text there , then i copied it and changed the text of duplicated object , by using this way i created many texts but only with one single text object in my objects list........

    my query is that how can i do same in sprite object... i want to add different images to different layouts but not with different sprites objects.. i just want to use only one sprite object.., but i want to have different images in different layouts.... it should be like that if i change the duplicate sprite's image ., then the other sprite's images should not be changed..........

    Is there any plugin or add on available to do so................. kindly help me out.. I'll be very thankful of you..

  • Add frames to your sprite object, set animation speed to 0, select the frame you want in the sprite's property panel..

  • Hello,

    It's pretty easy, you just need to load both your sprites in the object panel, then click on one of them, and search for a part called container in the properties panel and you should read: "no container". THen click create and load the other object.


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  • Thanks so much LittleStain and myusername ............ your suggestion really helped me alot

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