How do I add dialogues for system object?

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  • looking to add system dialog functions for the following so they can be used:

    SysCnds.prototype.PickSiblings = function (obj)


    if (!obj)

    return false;

    // Get the current sol

    var sol = obj.getCurrentSol();//return obj.solstack[obj.cur_sol];

    var instances = sol.getObjects();

    var select_all = sol.select_all;

    // Index out of range: condition false (no wraparound)

    if (instances.length != 1)

    return false;

    var inst = instances[0];

    cr.clearArray(sol.instances);//TRUNCATE ARRAY TO 0 LENGTH

    for (j = 0, lenj = sol.siblings.length; j < lenj; ++j)


    if(sol.instances.length < lenj)



    sol.instances[j] = inst.siblings[j];//.getInstanceByIID(sol.instances[j].iid);



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