How do I add a crouch move to a player

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  • so i am making a 2d spline game and a really want to know how to make my player(P) crouch so that he fits in half block spaces (P is one block tall) i tried halving his length but then the crouch sprite falls into the ground to prevewnt taht i removed fall speed but that makes him waltz of an edge right into the air the simple answer would be to have the crouch sprite be its own platformer but there is a lot of coding for the P and I do not want to have to copy all of that to the crouch pltfrm pls help

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  • does anyonw know i need major help here c'mon someone

  • Is this what you need?


    Move with arrows...

  • umm thanks but could you pls give me the stable r190 version just follow this link to see how to revert it (i dont wanto risk the unstable version) sorry to disturb you

  • Hmmm. Unfortunately, I don't have older versions installed here... Let me see if I can find a workaround so you can open the file...

    Ashley It might be a nice tool if Construct allowed us to "save as..." the last stable version. I know that's probably a lot of work, but it would be awesome for people who don't go for beta versions...

  • Ash10500

    I tried to revert the file to r190. Since I've never done that, I'm not sure this will work, but... Give it a try.


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  • huh I always wondered how those animation triggers worked but thank you so so so much i wasted a whole day trying to get the crouch to work thank you for saving me another week trying to get that to work that makes the spin dash a lot easier

    P.S. I just realized that i did not include the link in my previous post , well that was stupid

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