How to add Crouch & Crouch Throw Projectile

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  • Curious if anyone has come up with a way to make the following function in Construct 2:

    D Key Down - Player Simulates Walks Right (Not Mirrored)

    A Key Down - Player Simulates Walks Left (Mirrored)

    Player on Floor

    Player is Moving - Set Animation to "Walk"

    Player on Floor

    Player Not Moving - Set Animation to "Idle"

    Up Key Pressed - Player Simulates Jump

    - Set Animation to "Jump"

    S Key Down - Set Animation to "Crouch"

    Player is moving (or D/A Key Down)

    S Key Down - Set Player Speed to 150

    - Set Animation to "CrouchWalk"

    Space is Pressed - Set Animation to "Throw"

    - Spawn Projectile

    Player mirrored - Set Angle of Motion to 0

    Player is not mirrored - Set Angle of Motion to 180

    S Key Down

    Space is pressed - Set Animation to "Crouch Throw"

    Not working well. Anyone have a CAPX on how to make the Player able to Crouch Throw and Crouch Throw while moving in the Crouch position?


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  • Okay, my original post looks confusing. Some of those should show Shared Conditions and some should show Sub-Events.

    Oh well, Curious as to if anyone has a smooth way to make it work.

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