How do I add code post production

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  • Hi

    I have created a hunting game that allows you to hunt different animals. The initial game comes with a Whitetail and then the other animal packages need to be purchased via my website. How do I setup the code so that when the package is purchased and installed that it adds to the code instead of replacing it, because when i install a package it completely replaces the existing code and i can only play the new download.

  • In the context of C2, you should add it all into 1 game, and then have them locked. If you enter a code that you sell through your website or a similar method, they can unlock the additional content.

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  • IndieKiwi The hard part of that (for me to visualise with limited C2 knowledge thus far) is if they want to be heavy-handed against piracy and create unique codes, they'll need to generate an algorithm to analyse any code input and determine whether it's valid. It could then open an internet request and send a notification to a server that the code is taken. Otherwise, one code for anyone buying the pack would allow someone to post the code online and he'd miss potential sales. The only concept that immediately comes to mind is to make an array containing letters in various cases, numbers and symbols that could be in each code section. For example, the first section in the array could be "9YuNz!g", and if the first character in the user code corresponds to one of those values exactly, to proceed to checking the next.

    For sales of those packs, maybe checking out the IAP object documentation would help?

  • inquiesco yep i totally agree with you with the piracy concern. The IAP only supports some platforms though and setting up user authentication or a unlock code database can be tricky, but are probably the best solutions if not targeting one of the iap supported platforms

  • Thank you for your replies. My only problem is size because each animal contains a animated sequence which sizes between 10-60mb so by placing them into one package the file size would be extremely big. So I was hoping to make each package into a patch file that when installed would simply add to the game. My only problem with that is I am still very new to patching and so far I am unable to add code instead it simply replaces the entire code.

    Also by making them into individual patches I am able to give them each serial keys.

    Once again thank you for your replies they are very helpful.

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