How do I add chinese locale pak to a project ?

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  • Hi,

    I created a game with the nwjs exporter and I have a few chinese players which reported some text problem (The text string has sometimes some unwanted line breaks and the characters at the right end are cropped) which does not appear during my test. I use Windows in english but they have Windows in chinese and I'm guessing that's where the problem comes from. They advised me to add the chinese pak files to the project.

    How can I do that and where to get the file ? How to tell nwjs to load the chinese pak file when the player choose the chinese language ?

    I tried to search the forum for chinese locale and pak file but no result so far I also know nwjs uses chromium so I checked the chromium files and found some reference to zh-cn.pak but I'm not sure it's the good file nor how to load it.

    Any help welcome ! Thanks !

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  • Ok so to answer myself. Actually the problem came from the wrapping of the textboxes. Since chinese has no space in it, I had to dynamically change the wrapping of all my text to "character" instead of "word". Construct 2 doesn't have this feature natively but there's a third-party behavior doing it :

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