How do I add bullet delay/bullet cooldown?

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  • Currently in my game, you can click however fast you want, and every time you click, a bullet with spawn. I want it to make the player wait, lets say, half a second to fire another shot.

    I create this and dont know why it is not working.

    The variable BulletDelay is set to 0 by default. When you fire, it is set to 1. This should make it so that the player can not shoot. Then once the BulletDelay is set to one, it adds 1 to DelayAmount. Once DelayAmount is 5 then it sets the BulletDelay back to 0 letting the player fire again.

    This is a very confusing way of doing this, I know. But this is how I did it when working with raw javascript so with construct it seems different.

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  • In what sense is it not working? I guess because you are adding 1 every tick it won't be a noticeable delay, you should add an every X seconds to the add event. Also remember to set delay back to 0.

  • Thank you! Do you know what this is?

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