How do I add a bridge over a solid?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if you might have a way to do this. I added a river to my game that I added the solid behavior to. I also added a bridge and placed it over the river tiles where needed. However even though it's not a solid object I cant pass over the bridge with the character. How can I make it so the character can go over the bridge without having to make the whole river passable? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

    Thanks in advance,


  • You maybe already have thought about that but why not cut the river in two parts and put the bridge in between?

  • The bridge has some see through parts so I'd like to keep it under for visual purposes. But that definitely is an option that hadn't occured to me, thanks dancinLion

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  • Oh my gosh,

    that was way too simple. All I had to do for the condition was check the bridge sprite to see if it was overlapping a river sprite. For the action I set the creek to solid disabled. It worked and the remaining river sprites remain solid.

  • Edit: It seems you already have found a solution :).

    Cut the river into 3 parts then, part 1 and 3 being solid like now, part 2 not, which is the part where the bridge is overlapping.

    At least that's how I would do it (without having seen your river and bridge images) :).

    Maybe there is another option to make the bridge overruling the solid behavior of the river, but unfortunately I don't know it as I just started to use Construct2.

  • dancinLion thanks for the assistance I hope you gain as my pleasure as I have out of this software. My wife bought me a standard edition for my birthday and I've been a Construct2 junkie ever since. Be careful you can easily get hooked ;)

  • the best approach would be to have an invisible solid block you can put where ever you want to make things solid. Then your river is just graphics you put where you want. The parts that need to be solid you put the invisible solid block on.

    Then you have a fully customizable approach to ANY situation where somethin needs to be solid

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