How do I add audio to my game/project?

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  • ok in a earlier topic i found out how to do dragging but now i want to do audio and add it to my game, & play it when dragging finishes.

  • Quick tip: Click "Tutorials" in top bar and search for things your curious about.. there is a ton of material there!

    Quick answer, add an audio object to your project (double click on layout and select audio object), import your sound into the game like any other asset (drag-drop, file manage,etc.) and then the audio options will be available in actions.

    Ie. Bluecheese on click - play audio bluecheeseclicked

    Just make sure to remember events fire 60 times a second, use System [toggle once] in your conditions if the trigger is open ended... as in say press A fires bullet, play bullerfiresound.. you will get 60 plays in a second unless you set the toggle once condition or some other stop action.

  • i tried that but it did not let me select the directory i wanted to import my audio with after adding the audio object...

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  • I was unable to import my audio together in a folder, I think its because each file has to be converted to the two supported file types and not sure if batch conversion from files can be done some way. I had to drag each file in one at a time and let it convert it to the two supported types.

  • please give me more details as to how i can attempt to resolve this, anyone?

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