How do I add ads in Newgrounds?

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  • I uploaded my game to Newgrounds. Just wondering how would I put ads in it? Apparently there's a HTML5 API ( but it's not clear to me how I should implement it.

    Any help appreciated!


  • I found on Newgrounds website. I hope this will help.


    Under your account page you will see the option to join our revenue program. This allows you to monetize your pages on Newgrounds as well as run ads directly in your games and movies, wherever they appear on the web.

    Newgrounds is unable to offer this service for Mature and Adult content.

    Payments are made NET 30, meaning 30 days after the end of the month which the ads were run. If you run ads in January, you will receive payment during the first week of March, 30 days after January ends. We have a payment minimum of $100 so you will need to accumulate that amount before a payment is issued. Your earnings carry over from month to month.

  • Thanks freethinkern but I understand that, I just don't know how to add the API into my game.


  • Did you tried this. I cannot send link to this page as i am new here but You can search on google using this keyword "How to add Newgrounds Api".

    About API Packages

    Before you can use any of the API Tools, you will need to install the appropriate API package.

    Each package is written for a specific authoring environment, so you will need to read the name, description and Actionscript version from the list of downloads to ensure you get the correct package.

    If you are unsure of wich package to get, you will find a suggested package for your Actionscript version from the "API Dashboard" of your API entry.

    Double click the .mxp file, and Extension Manager should open. (If you do not have Extension Manager for some reason, you can get it here).

    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

    Restart Flash

    To verify the API was installed, open the components panel (CTRL+F7) and look for the "NewgroundsAPI" group. If you do NOT see this group, make sure you downloaded the correct package for your Actionscript version.

    Flex, FlashDevelop, FDT, mxmlc, etc...

    Advanced users can link directly to NewgroundsAPI.swc by copying it into the lib folder of your project.

    In FlashDevelop, right click NewgroundsAPI.swc and select "Add to Library".

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  • But I developed my game in C2, not Flash!

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