How do I add my admob pub ID to mopub

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  • What is my correct pub id to put into mopub?

    Does it begin with pub-74**********12

    or is it ca-app-pub-74************12

    or is it the ad code --- Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-74*******************07

    Which one to i put into mopub?

  • There is a tutorial and multiple other threads that cover this.

  • I read a few but it didn't specify if the ca-app is part of the code that needs to be placed.

    i got test adds up and my app is live now and its still showing the test adds.

  • Do you get the "Welcome to mopub! click here to test as, you can now set up a new campaign to serve other ads" ?, because that's wat I'm getting.

    I found out that in Mopub>inventory when you put MoPub Demo Order on pause, it dissapears. But it doesn't show real ads after that aswell.

    I also found in some screenshots of others, that in Global Segments their Banner Ad and Admob have a ECPM that greater than 0.

    Mine is 0 and I don't really know how to change that. So I guess we both have the same issues.

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  • Yes i have all the same issues. have you resolved them yet?

    I wonder if i need to republish my apk to the app store after i fix settings in mopub and admob.

    I had my id set correctly in ludei but had a few things backwards in mopub.

    Also have the ECPM issue.

  • Nope, none of them solved yet.

    I'm now considering Leadbolt ads via Crosswalk export, but the performance I get in Intel SDK are a lot less than in Cocoonjs.

    You should take a look at the How to add LeadBolt Ads to your Crosswalk Exported Game! Tutorial.

  • I just noticed this on my mopub page...

    Your access to Marketplace is currently being reviewed. You can enable your inventory and set minimum CPMs during this process; note that Marketplace will not serve ads until you have been approved. If you have questions, please contact .

    I wonder do you see the same?

    This could be the cause of the ads not showing.

    I noticed that i didnt have all my details filled in in my account.

    No payment details set up either.

    I did that and sent them an email for approval.

    Hoping that fixes it.

  • Yup I see that message too.

    I do have all my account details filled, aswell as the payment details.

  • Did you send them a message? I did and haven't recieved a response yet.

  • Same here, messaged them multiple times, only automated replies yet

  • GRRR!!!! Frustrating. i havent heard a thing form them yet.

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