How do I add AdMob interstitial to MoPub dashboard

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  • I have problem with crappy MoPub dashboard.

    I have some old apps working well on MoPub,

    but today I added new one - Interstitial from AdMob.

    I put my AdMob ID ( ca-app-pub-...) in Network section,

    but when I go to Segments - I can't setup CPM because it does not show created ad type

    when I will go to Overview - Network detail = I will not see my app,

    but when I click "Edit Network" - there is my app name and AdMob publisher ID

    any ideas how to solve it?

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  • To target the ad network to the ad unit you just created, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the "Networks" tab in the MoPub UI

    2. Click "Segments"

    3. Click the specified segment you want to set (Note: Accounts will automatically be set with a Global Segment on creation. This would be the segment most people would need to navigate to to set the ad network for the specific ad unit. This changes if a new segment is created and has specific targeting as new segments will override the Global Segment for their specific parameters.)

    4. There is a filter set to show only running ad sources. You want to close the tab for this that says "Status:Running" inside the filter box to see the rest of the ad sources.

    5. Click the drop down for the ad unit you want to change

    6. Edit the ecpm of the ad source

    7. Click "Set"

    This will enable the ad network for that specific ad unit.Edward

  • Thanks MopubEdward

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