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  • Hello, there is a tutorial with detailed instructions to make a game perfectly suited to tablets and mobile android/iOS?

    I can not position the sprites / backgrounds in the same way in all supports.

    A recent tutorial you've already tried

    Thank you

  • Did you have a look at this? ... reen-sizes

    It explains the options for "Fullscreen in browser" and also gives tips on how to setup your ui to scale properly.

  • Well actually it does, it just shows those different screen sizes by example of a resized browser-window.

    Basically you may wanna go with "Scale Outer" and have your UI elements with anchor-behavior and use expressions to get the current screen. I.g. ViewportRight for the width and ViewportBottom for the height of your screen.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I tried several things but I can not fix the problem for android

    IOS (perfect):

    Android (bug):

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  • Did you add Anchor behavior to the button?

    When you added it, try setting the edge-attributes.

    In your case i believe you want to go with Top edge "Window Bottom".

  • I just put an anchor on the button and I put like you said but there is a problem:

    Scale inner:



    Scale outer:



    In Construct 2 the button is located at the bottom right

    And the background is always cut at the bottom on android

    Parralax: 0,0

    Scale rate: 0

    Button > Anchor

    Left edge: Window left

    Top edge: Window bottom

    Right edge: none

    Bottom edge: none

  • My capx:!AwdThbxJ!lXQ85kln6O1qkQkHbACgNgcEG4gY2XBir082I9-7S4Y

    If someone could make my game (Layout menu) is compatible with mobile/tablet android & iOS dimensions so that I know how to do in the future ...: (

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