Which ad format works with Construct 2 ?

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  • I just finally published my app and made some updates . Now I want the next update to include ads .

    I created an AdMob account and now I have to choose the ad format . What should I choose that works with Construct 2 ? From which format I can get more earnings ? I heard that the video format wasn't supported from Construct 2!

    Also how can I put my app ID that AdMob gave to me in my app?

    Any information is appreciated.


  • I chose banner and interstitial ad formats . I put Cocoon ads plugin and put my Ad formats IDs in the plugin. I did some events.In the Cocoon website I installed the right plugin. Still no ads are showing on my app.

    Is it because I didn't put the Admob App ID ?(I don't know where to put it) . I am not talking about the Ad format ID!

    Or what?

  • Sorry for bumping this thread but what events should I use , I have no idea , I used one before but it didn't work.

    Also , I am compiling as WebView+ not Canvas+ because Canvas gives me blackscreen , is that a problem?

  • Please be patient. Users come from many different timezones.

    Constantly bumping your own thread is likely to get you a temporary ban, or the anti-spam system might class you as a spammer, so please don't bump unnecessarily.

    It is the accepted practice that bumping your own thread is ok after 24 hours if no answer has been forthcoming.


  • In construct 2 project settings where you written your game name first click on your ad plugin go there in the project settings you will see your plugin settings there for interstitial ad and banner ad put your admob id there and you better search on Google as I always do

  • Trust me , I have searched in Google ,YouTube , read books , searched here in forum , but nothing is working.

    I have added the ad formats ID on the plugin. I was asking where I need to put my Admob App ID(it's different).

    As I said before nothing is working. I tried some new events because I followed a tutorial which was in Spanish but

    no luck!

  • Hi if you are serious about it than purchase this ebook it has everything you need trust me and I'm not the owner of this ebook but I learnt from this ebook it's from A To Z

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  • You need to create events for ads you can't only put ads id for more help about construct 2 go to


  • I know I have to create events , I tried different codes but no luck . Can you give me suggestions?

    I bought the book you suggested me but I am not finding what I want .

    I just want in top of my app to see a banner and sometimes an interstitial type of ad . Can you give me some insight about the events I need to create? I am still a begginner in Construct 2 .

    Also I have an capx that kinda shows me how to create the events about ads but the problem is that in this capx you need to click a sprite to open banner ad and to go to interstitial ad .

    Help and thank you for taking the time !

  • If you have that code click on sprite just copy that code from that sprite and past that interstitial ad code with your play button or any other button you want also on the start of layout add this two code show interstitial ad another one is show banner ad so it will always show ad also you can open Construct 2 tow time from your computer task manager first open that ad template and than open your game so you can easily see the codes and if you really bought that ebook than contact the owner he is very helpful sorry I can't give you any code because I'm not the owner I bought ad template from scirra store

  • Thank you so much. The ad template is different than the ebook? If so can you give me the link of it ,I might buy it!

    Yes , I really bought that ebook ,I will see if the contacting the owner helps!

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