Ad Blockers, block Construct games?

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  • It seems my game is being blocked by an Ad Blocker, and I have no idea why. It is a fairly large game, the export comes in at 51 MB. It doesn't seem to block my other games of a smaller size even though they both contain the same types of files, Images, Video, Audio, AJAX, etc. But my other games have been on a much smaller scale. Basically with the Ad Blocker enabled the game will begin to load then the loading bar goes red and fails. Obviously this is an issue as I need people to be able to access my game and with a growing number of users, using Ad Blockers it cuts off a big base of players. I could have a disclaimer telling people to disable their Ad Blockers, but it's the internet and nobody trusts anyone so again I'm cut off from a large base of players. Has anyone else run into this issue? The Ad Blocker I'm using is Ad Block Plus via Chrome.

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  • Try exporting your game without "minify script". The minify script has given me similar issues before.

  • I figured it out I had an image called "Advertisment" LMAO the ad blocker was blocking that file from being downloaded which stopped the game loading. So if anyone else has that problem that may be your issue.

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