Is there a way to actually cut and paste events?

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  • I'm about to go crazy, trying to cut and paste events into another position. I'm rearranging some events, but they won't paste. C2 will say that "some conditions were not pasted" but they never paste at all. Actions cut and paste, and copy and paste quite well, but the Events don't. I'm just trying to put them below where they are to another Event line. Sorry if I sound irritated, but I sure am. This is a stupid thing to be asking here...

  • Can you either attach a capx or screenshot the actual error if there's more info in it? Events definitely cut/paste but if there are dependencies on local variables or something like that, then you have to be a bit tricky.

  • I'm simply cutting an Event without any Actions sometimes, and moving lower with my cursor and selecting Paste. Nothing pastes even though it will say:

    "some conditions were not pasted, due to the restrictions on triggers, some conditions could not be pasted here."

    Nothing pastes at all and the cursor is at an Event line and not at an Action part that is recessed. I don't know how to visually show you this...

    EDIT: I just figured out what I was NOT doing. After reading over the help for Layout Sheets, I saw I was NOT holding the cursor over the arrow on the far left when I cut and pasted. Apparently where you hold the cursor horizontally is quite sensitive. Nice feature. Stupid me.

  • oh well as long as you got it working!

  • Also, if you're simply moving the events you can, click, hold, and then drag events. Which is a lot easier than cutting and pasting if you only want the event to be say one or two places lower in your event sheet, or if you want to have it in between two other events since construct always pastes events at the bottom of the list.

    Apologies if this is in that tutorial Lordshiva

  • Yes I drag and release. My problem was I was not clicking at the far left. Now it works quite nice.

    I am going to that tutorial right now, and thank you for all the help here. C2 forums are the best!

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  • You're welcome

  • I have been to too many programming forums to count, and this one is by far the best. I appreciate it very much, and I'm sure I will in the future too.

  • Never hesitate to ask. It's how I'm getting my game to work

  • LarryP we are always happy to help

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