Active users and monthly ad revenue? (How make better?)

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  • How many active users do you have and how much monthly ad revenue is your game generating?

    Any tips on increasing ad revenue? My ads are placed at the bottom of the screen and I hide it during game play to make it more user friendly.

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  • I have about 100k active users and ads generate about 1,500 - 3,000 a month.

    Thats pretty awesome! I find it super motivating to read reports like that. I hope I can make decent income like that from my game(s). I dont have any stats to share in your thread because my game isn't properly released yet, but after my game has been published a while Ill post user / revenue numbers.

    Can I ask, are your user / revenue numbers from one game, or several? And what ad system are you using?

    I elected to use Chartboost in the game im currently developing because I read around the place that it could earn more than Admob, but I dont know if thats true..

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  • 1,500-3,000$ seems quite impressive as there's just this small bottom banner in menu. Congrats on this design!

    When it comes to other ad mediation platforms - Appodeal is quite easy to integrate (the only problem I still have to solve is some strange glitches at the beginning of the game when ads probably are loading) when you use Cocoon to wrap your game and I saw some developers' stories in Appodeal's blog claiming that they did the best revenue with this service. I'm going to check if it's true with my upcoming game

  • bambo Thanks! I saw a tutorial on how to get Appodeal into Construct, but I couldn't figure it out. Let me know how yours goes!

  • ... platform=1

    Here it is the complete documentation for getting Appodeal service in your game. If you have any problem here please let me know what exactly it is.

    If you made this steps right and got stuck in Cocoon maybe the reason of some errors is the GooglePlayServices (that was supposed to install if you followed this tutorial ... onstruct-2 ) plugin that makes it impossible to compile game. For displaying ads you should add just ... plugin.git

  • Just to start off the discussion, I have about 100k active users and ads generate about 1,500 - 3,000 a month.

    How did you get so many installs? I have 100+ downloads and I earned almost nothing BTW I play Beast Attack and it's one of the best games I've seen on Google Play

  • Do you have 100k active users per day or month?

    I have 112k total downloads and about 24k daily active users. Each user generates about 8 interstitial ads per day, which equals to 192k+ ad impressions per day. My ecpm is about $1 to $1.90 and I make about $6,800 - $9000 per month.

    I highly recommend switching to full screen/interstitial ads or video ads because the ecpm is much higher compared to banners. You could be making $30,000 to 36,000 per month!! if you switch to full screen ads and if each of your users is generating about 8 Ad impressions per day.

    As far as I know,

    Banners ecpm is about 0.15 - 0.90 cents per 1000 ad impressions

    fullscreen/interstitial ecpm is about $1 - $3 cents per 1000 ad impressions

    Video ecpm is about $3 - $6 per 1000 ad impressions ( Too bad there aren't any Video ad plugins for C2 :'(

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  • ThunderLion Also, are you using Admob? Any ad mediation?

  • sivricmarijan Thanks! Not sure how I got so many downloads. This one may have been luck. They tend to have a snowball effect.

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  • I used chartboost ad network, and I got that ad plugin from Sang Ki Kwon.

    Here a link to the community: ... 5005605917

    That's awesome man! how many impressions is each of your users generating? and how many active users do you have per day?

    Don't forget to update your apps, and ALWAYS add more content( skins, achievements, daily rewards, objectives, levels, etc.). The more content you add the longer your users stay and use your app, which will generate more ad impressions.

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