How to make actions speed up over time

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  • Hi Guys

    I am putting together a "Whack a Mole" game.

    How would i get the moles to pop up faster and faster as time goes on.

    thanks for your help

  • Lprez: you can put an action like "Animation : setSpeed", run by the system every X seconds.

    And, by the wait, are you sure the image of your avatar is appropriate on a forum where underage children can read the various pages ? (it doesn't bother me, but it can offend some people...)

  • Depends on how you currently have it set up. Please be a little more specific and we can help you out.

    If you're using every x seconds, replace x with a value that is subtracted from every now and then (but make sure it stops at some point; can't have moles popping up every millisecond!)

  • Pode, sorry about the avatar, I have not manually put it on here, I play Battlefield 3 and they also use Gravatar,(as Scirra do) and it has picked up my email address for this forum and auto selected that avatar.

    I havedeleted it from my Gravatar account so just need it to disappear from my profile here.

    huge apologies for that, it's not something I wouldhave put in this forum.

    thx for the responses also guys.

  • Tokinsom

    Currently I have no mechanics in place.

    I have 12 moles which I need to spawn randomly but as the score gets higher and higher I wanted the spawn rates to speed up to make it more difficult.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Guys, i wanted to revisit this and put a little bit more of an explanation on as it is stumping me at the moment.

    I have 12 holes for 12 moles.

    I want the moles to pop up randomly.

    as times passes i want the spawning to become faster and faster.

    1. do i start 1 mole off then use a system > wait for the others

    2. do i just use system > every x seconds and use random(x-xx)

    to increase the spawn rate over time (sorry guys but did not really understand your advice in previous posts) what would i need to do.

    many thanks for your help

  • Example capx.

  • Thank you for that.

    my background has 12 holes, can I use 1 mole sprite and have it randomly spawn at the various x,y co-oridinates for example.

    system > create object>mole on layer 0 at random 91,36, random 34,36 etc etc.

    or should i use 12 mole sprites to spawn at their own set co-ordinates.

    many thanks

  • Whack-a-mole Advanced.

    You gotta love C2

  • you sir, are a legend

  • Hi! Long time ago yet i got a question about this!

    I had alot of help from the "Whack-a-mole Advanced"!

    Though i have a question. Is there any way to check if a "hole" is filled? And if yet do not spawn a new mole there?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • You sir, are still a legend :)

    Thanks alot!

    Though it did not work 100%. But yet, i just needed to know the technique behind it.

    What i had to do was to change the boolean to a value and instead of false and true i had to use 0 and 1. This way i could compare the values.

    Again. It works like a charm now! Kudos!

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