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  • hi guys

    I need some help, I want to making an action game (hack an slash) plataform like castlevania, ninja gaiden , arcraiser2, metroid etc...

    I followed some plataform tutorials but I have doubts how to adding more moves

    I need some help to know how to programing to the char

    stand attack, jump attack, crouch and crouch attack, walk ,run, and dash ,if my char run or dash can crouch and if run walk or dash can attack too and custom commads like arrow (up) + button (z)

    this an example of char moves

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I appreciate your help and sorry for my beginner questions in construct2 XD

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  • I started a Contra tutorial a while back that quickly got out of control. It might be helpful in this case.

    Note that the code is not commented, and probably is not done in the best way. Hopefully there is some info that will help you.

  • I have a wonderful jump start capx for platform projects. See if this might help:

    Platform Engine

    I'm personally using it to design an RPG system similar to Ultima and Elder Scrolls. It took a while to make the animation system, but it was worth it. I'm glad I was able to come back after a year and still be able to use it.

    I commented as best I could, and there are things mentioned in the comments that aren't packaged (I had once released a zip of this with other things packed with it).

  • I have been making some messy coding decisions and this was exactly what I needed to help me get organized! THANK YOU SO MUCH ArcadEd!

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