How do I this action in a multiplayer game?

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  • I´m trying learn multiplayer actions, I saw the tutorials, now I´m trying a little test but my game have a problem, It doesn´t update life in both (host and peer). Somebody can help me?

  • I change data in sync on signalling, now is ok, but actions do something only in host =/

    I need to sync click too?


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  • Why????

    Just host do the actions :/

    Peers not perform nothing :/

  • What may i do to get a help here?


  • I'm sorry I have no experience in multiplayer with construct 2, otherwise I would have been happy to help..

    Hope someone else can shine som light on your subject..

  • ericflamalaer

    The host is authoritative over changes, so that is maybe why it won't work for peer (non-host). I'm not sure whether I'm right or wrong, but for this kind of action I would use [multiplayer.message] to sync what's happening. It's seems what you're trying to achieve is not within the context of real-time-action sync which your click input is not sent to host, while host will always send it's click input out to peers (I might be wrong though). However, see capx attached, see whether you can learn and understand something from it?

    Significant changes from line24 to line32. Changes were made by referring official example multiplayer_real_time Line 76-Line78.


    Ps: I myself still discovering the multiplayer in C2, still at high chance of getting things wrong in MP.

  • So beautiful *-*

    Thanks man.. now I will try to adapt in my necessity.. thank you very much

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