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  • Hello guys,

    I recently started using Construct and I am trying to make an action game. I am getting adapted with the interface, the event sheet and such, but I can't actually find a successful way on making my Player to attack on mouse pressed (or keyboard button) and do damage to the monster.

    All tutorials I came across with are only offering examples for projectile attacks, while I want to do a melee attack?

    Anyone can help with it, will be appreciated :)

  • I do not think, that there is that big of a difference.

    You have to react to a collision, either from a bullet or between a sword and a bodypart. If you have a CAPX of your project to share, it makes helping easier.

  • I don't actually have a specific CAPX at the moment. I am pretty much experimenting with the events so I'll know what I will be doing when I start the actual project.

    After some trying, I found a way but there's one problem. I used the "on mouse press" event and the collision event with the two objects, but when I click the button, the action loops permanently and does not stop, even if I release the click. Any idea how to fix this? I tried to go with event group and deactivate it after a tick or a 0.5 seconds, but it still does not work right.

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  • ...and again, it is a good idea to share the CAPX

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