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  • I want when my character take an object, it appears on achievements, but I don't have much idea of how to do it. I have looking for tutorials on this and not found anything. Are there any that I can serve? Thank you

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  • You can try creating your own system or you can use something like which has an achievements system. If you do your own you need to define what they are, create the logic for them and come up with a system to store them. It can be done, but takes a bit of work.

  • I prefer to create my own system, I doubt it very difficult not? there any tutorials that go with it?

  • have you tried creating the logic for them using variables?

    like player picks up the object > set globalvariableachieve1 to 1

    compare - globalvariableachieve1 = 0 set animation to "notachieved"

    compare - globalvariableachieve2 = 1 set animation to "achieved"

    as long as you don't have something in your code that resets all of the global variable this could work well (like on start of layout reset global variable)

  • Have the capx done? :(

  • I still have no idea how to do it

  • Helppppp

  • Anyone?�

  • Working with global variables is covered in the manual and the tutorials. I would highly advise going through them. The proposition here is to create a global variable for each of your acheivements. Define what has to be done to get each acheivement, then when the task has been accomplished, set the variable. Have code that reacts to the variable. You can then use something like the web storage object to save that info between game plays so the player still has their achievements. So here are the things to look at in the tutorials and manual:

    Global Variables

    Events and Conditions

    Web Storage

    That should give you enough to impliment it, you just have to come up with the actual logic and requirements of each acheivement.

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