How to achieve these things in Crosswalk for Android.

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  • I've been tinkering with the XKD/CrossWalk for Android combo exporter for a while now (I test my games in the CrossWalk Player provided by Ashley in the tutorial).

    But so far there are a couple things i haven't been able to do.

    1) Lock screen orientation (apparently it only lock if triggers by user input?, and though " XKD/CrossWalk for Android" seems to have a tab for it, is doesn't' show any options)

    2) Audio always play at max volume, even if device is muted.

    Do someone have a tip on this I could use?

    Also the app comes out really big on MB :S

    but other than that my games runs at solid 55-59 fps.

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  • I too am having these problems. I've specifically been trying to solve the max volume problem. A response would be most helpful

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