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  • Hello,

    I'll start from the beginning :).

    I've lost a bet with my friend from IT department and now I have to create a reguelike game (just 1 or 2 levels). I'm not the best programmer and I've heard good things about CS2 so I decidied that I will try to make this game using CS2. The development speed is very important for me because I have only 4 months and I have to do some art workd for this because I decided that this game will be a masterpiece ;). I'm lucky that this program is not to expensive. If I make this game, they will buy me a nice bootle of whiskey so it is worth to try!

    Ok here is the question:

    I was a big fan of Endless Space and last time I saw this screenshot from Dungeons of the Endless (Sci-Fi roguelike game) and I wonder how to achieve this effect in construct 2. Maybe this is just top down view but I'm not sure. I love pixel art and I will be drawing some pixels for this game.

    Here is the screenshot:

    Unfortunately I cant even post a image because I dont have enough reputation :( so I deleted "www." from the link.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • The top of the walls is offset and between the wall collision and the offset some sprites were placed to achieve the effect of seeing the side of the walls.


    I think you would call this isometric. because you are able to walk behing stuff. Implementing this wouldn't be very hard though..

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  • It adds unnecessary complexity, however.

  • I made for some months ago into an half hour a small isometric playfield where you can build something. Its quite not much and buggy but it generates the whole thing.

    With some luck it helps you a bit.

    Next thing I wanted to do was to make automaticly streets and choose the right frames for them.


  • Hmm so I'm doomed :(?

    I'm not sure if someone before tried this but isometric view would be best in my opinion for roguelike game. Simple TopDown view has some disadvantages(not only visual I think) but maybe Construct 2 was not the best choice :E?

    Anyway, I also remember the game called Dungeons of Dredmor. Here is sample screen from the game:

    You can walk behind those skeletons column so this is not typical TopDown view, I think that this is also isometric....

    Guys, do you have any advices? I know that sidescrooled games are cool (like Unepic for example) but for roguelike, isometric is the best i think.

  • zaboleqqq

    construct 2 is for sure not the best game creator. There are better ones out there, but my example should let you see that it is possible.

  • Darklinki

    I know only Unity and Game Maker(but in unity you have to use c# or javascript. I know C# but the development speed will be much slower then in Construct 2 I think because unity is much more complex and have greater possibilities than CS2 but I like simplicity in CS2).

  • Um everything you've linked to is top down, not isometric.

    I don't even think you can call any of that orthogonal.

    The only thing it might have in common is z ordering.

  • Yeah but as soon as you try to make isometric games the simplicity is away ;)

    Stay at top down.

  • Construct is the perfect game engine for a new developer who wants to make something easy and quick. You've come to the right place.

    For simplicity sake, stick with a more Top Down view like in Dungeons of Dredmore.

    All you need to do to the tile artwork once you make it, is to change where the collision box is. Instead of drawing a box around the entire shape of the sprite for the wall tiles, you put it where the base of the box would be only. This way your player will collide with them appropriately.

    There's 2 plugins that can help with the zsorting (which objects appear behind or infront of other objects, eg: player walking behind wall tiles.


    or rex_Zsorter

    they are both similar, pick the one that makes more sense to you when you check them out.

  • thanks it helped

  • second link isn't working.

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