Accurate ladder movement?

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  • Hello, I am looking for a way to make ladder movement more accurate. I have found out how to make my character climb the ladder, but I can't find out how to have the character grab each bar accurately. I've tried doing frame by frame pixel movement, but even then the character will be grabbing the air at times. Any tips on this would greatly be appreciated.

  • Please let me know if this doesn't make sense..

  • You may have to make a custom movement such as

    -if player overlapping ladder + keyboard.UP is down

    --set player.Y to player.Y -1

    --set player animation frame to "player.animation.frame +1"

    So that you accurately control the frame number of the animation.

    Can we see your .capx?

  • Getting an accurate animation is dependent on several factors, animation speed, animation frames, movement speed and the distance the animation has the character reach/climb per cycle.

    You need to figure out how fast the character is moving based on the animation, for example, if the animation is 12 frames long, played at 12fps , whatever distance he moves per rung for the animation would be your speed.

    An example of what you've got would make it easier to see why things aren't syncing.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I was actually able to solve my problem with your help. As it turns out, the main problem here was that it was repeating the set position command multiple times per frame, so I just had to set the event to repeat 1 time.

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  • use "System -> Trigger once while true" on the conditional

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