How can I access to sprites from another layout?

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  • Hello there.

    I would like if iis posible and how is posible to access to sprites from another diferent layout?

    for example I have an sprite1 on Layout1, this sprite1 is global and belongs to a family1 , then I try to change its size property for example , from anoter layout=> layout2 using the function foreach(family1), but do not apper any sprite from thet family in layout 2, This is possible ? or How can I that?

    thanks in advance!

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  • A global object should automatically be created in the active layout.

    Perhaps, Instead of trying to change it size ... try setting its location to somewhere within your viewport first

  • mmm so the active layout just only can access to the sprites which be within it..

    I am afraid I would need to use some global variables or an array, would be great can to access to global sprites from a distinct layout.

  • I use global sprites for settings.

    I have some invisible 10x10 squares, set to global, in the main menu, which variables I can reference in any layout.

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