Access Specific Family Member Instance Variables

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    Brief summary:

    NPCTalk is a global variable set at 0 default.

    Talk1, Talk2, Talk3 are family instance variables that contain the text said NPC is to speak.

    TalkNum is a family instance variable that contains how many times the NPC is to talk.

    The idea is, player presses action key to talk to NPC.

    NPC talks and NPCTalk = 1

    If player presses another key, either:

    1) Stop talking if NPC TalkNum is 1

    2) Continue talking if NPC TalkNum is 2.

    It works until Keyboard->On any key pressed

    *-> If NPCs Talk Num = 1 then blah

    *-> Else -> Trigger Once then type Talk2.

    The NPC I'm trying to talk to has TalkNum set to 2 and is meant to talk twice. But he isn't. It will talk once and is definitely breaking into the If NPCs Talk Num = 1 branch. It never goes into the Else. Its not accessing the proper NPC family member that has TalkNum set to 2.

    Any solution for this? Am I missing something? I clearly have it so NPCs is being accessed by collision. It should only be referencing the NPC with TalkNum set to 2.

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  • Answered my own question.

    Turns out that I needed to add Wait 1.0 second commands inbetween every NPCTalk add 1 event. What was happening was when you hit a key, it would execute everything at the same time, cascading down the events. I sometimes forget that these events execute in fractions of a second, and no one presses/releases keys that fast.

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