Can I access a Phonegap Build Plugin using Browser Object?

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  • OK,

    I have reached the limit of my understanding (it didn't take very long).

    I am looking to add a share feature to one of my apps - currently available on Android and iOS and compiled using Phonegap. I know, Phonegap is so yesterday - but I haven't been able to get Ejecta to work with it yet and Crosswalk offers way too massive a file size (and is android only). So far I have successfully implemented a Browser URL redirection in CocoonJS so the user can go to a Facebook or Twitter link to share some game info - which is great and a reasonable backstop position. However, for this small app the CocoonJS wrapper isn't ideal because of the dreaded splash screen and the long list of permissions.

    Unfortunately, when I use the go to URL browser command in Phonegap, the app creates a browser window within itself and I have not found a way to open the default mobile browser instead (my understanding of this InAppBrowser Plugin is that it's just to enable the creation of a browser within the app, rather than to open the system default browser - I could be wrong!). Not good..

    I have found this Phonegap Social Sharing Plugin that works on the Build service. My understanding is that when it's called it will open a default share function and give the user the option of picking which means of sharing they wish to use depending on the apps and linking profiles available - like Facebook, Twitter, email, text etc - and it sounds like it might be perfect for my needs.

    So, my questions to you, dear community, are:

    1. Is what I'm hoping for here even possible - can I call this plugin by executing some JavaScript through the Browser object?

    2. If the answer to 1 is yes, does anyone have any advice on how I should call this function (aside from spending the next 2 years trying to learn JS!!)? I'm guessing that I will need to add a function that will be called from the Browser object (in the index.html file or somewhere else?) and then that will subsequently call the Phonegap Plugin.

    If you are a JavaScript expert, please accept my apologies for my ignorance!

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