How do I access instance variable by name

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  • Is it possible to access object's instance variable by its name?

    Say I have an object monster with instance variables param1, param2, param3, [...] param10

    I want to do something like this

    for x=1 to 10  
       monster.Variable("param" & loopindex) = random(1000)[/code:2fnu5ayr]
    instead of 
    [code:2fnu5ayr]monster.param1= random(1000)
    monster.param2= random(1000)
    monster.param3= random(1000)
    monster.param4= random(1000)
    monster.param10= random(1000)[/code:2fnu5ayr]
    Another example:
    [code:2fnu5ayr]if monster.Shield>0 then MyVar="Shield"
       else if monster.Armor>0 then MyVar="Armor"
             else MyVar="Health"
    monster.Variable(MyVar) =  // some complex calculations here to apply damage to monster's shield or armor or base health[/code:2fnu5ayr]
    I'm guessing there is no built-in functionality for this.. Maybe there is a plugin or some workaround?
  • I am not sure this is possible, nor do I know of any already existing plugins for it.

  • You would use an array for this, or even a dicitionary.

  • You could use a container which would group your "monster" object with a Dictionary object (say "monsterDictionary"). So each instance of "monster" would have its own dictionary.

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  • Thank you all for the replies. Using a dictionary with monster oblect might be a good idea, I'll give it a try.

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