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  • Hi

    I find the file access information a bit confusing.

    I can read xml but not write it with Ajax, so I need NWjs. In order to verify that it works (since it doesn't seem to work, i.e. opening dialogs etc.) it appears that I need to change preview in browser.

    In order to do that with success , I need to install NW A.k.a node webkit.

    But in order to install that , I need to install a whole bunch of Linux emulator such as Cygwin in order to get NW running which hopefully will allow me to run it for browser previous which allows me to test my code.

    Personally I don't have an issue to do all of this but since it might not work and it's not really mentioned in the manual I was hoping there is some more explanation or info on this.

    Basically I need to write config to a file and allow the user to load it. This is my aim.

    I can read the config through ajax & xml but I need to be able to write it to disk.

    If I managed to get this working, does this mean the user will also need to install nw or do I understand it correctly that it's part of the browser?



    I found that link and currently installing.

    I'm hoping that it will solve the issue to work with files.

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  • Works great. Would it be too much work to include this I link in the manual under NW.js

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