How do I access effects properties of an object ?

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  • Hello, I'am probably missing on something ,but is there a way to access objects effect properties ,as we can access behaviours settings in events ?

    Here is an example what i want to achieve:

    First of all ,as you can see while seting up your events and actions you can use base properties of behaviour in expressions like: text_char.SineFirst.CyclePosition to retrieve what ever data is stored there and assign this value to a variable.

    But when i want to reproduce those steps with effects like SetColor ,there is no expression for that , i cant type in something similar to text_char.SetColor.Red or anything like that to retrieve information about effects properties. For me the way effects are treated resembles some kind of a function.

    Is there a way to do so ?

    (if this was already addressed in another discussion sorry for the commotion)

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  • As far as I know, this is not possible. You need to create instance variables and change them together with effect properties. For example, create instance variables r, g, b and when you change properties for setColor effect, set the same values to the variables.

  • Well that's a bummer ,i wish there was more versatile way to do so ,without creating variables by myself. Still thanks ,dop2000

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