How do I acces Family properties

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  • Greetings crowd!

    Strange thing... I searched good ol google and this

    forum but was not able to find an answer. I have 2

    Families. 1 with tiled objects and 1 with single sprite

    objects. I can add the behaviour physics to both

    families. But I can only access the properties for the

    physics behaviour when I click the tiled objects family.

    Clicking the sprite objects family no Properties are shown

    on the left side inside the properties panel.

    What am I doing wrong?



  • Maybe is because your sprites are not on the layout (although in the project)?

    Drag them on the screen (your layout) and you should be able to see the proprieties of the single sprite object families.

    If you don't need them at first run then make System > On start of layout > sprite > destroy, and then you can create or spawn later on events.

    Hope this was helpful!

  • Oh crap...

    Thank you Benydc. That was a stupid mistake by myself.

    I create my levels with tiled backgrounds (for filling/blocking out

    the base) and single sprites for details like walkway ends,

    broken edges and all that stuff. Since I´m doing just a testlevel

    for movement development I did it with just the tiled backgrounds

    and not one single sprite. Bugger...

    Sometimes you just loose concentration when working with

    all those events and actions.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!



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  • No problem and you too!

    Ben C.

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