Accelerometer does not work from Canvas+ on Samsung Core2

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  • Hello everyone!

    Recently I compiled APK via

    Everything was fine when tested the app on Samsung Note2.

    Next I tested on Samsung Galaxy Core2 (SM-G355H android 4.4.2)

    and found that on a device does not work accelerometer!

    First I display the sensor information:








    Indicators on zero.

    I tried to compile using with parameter Webview +

    Touch.AccelerationYWithG Touch.AccelerationXWithG and repaired, but Touch.AccelerationY and Touch.AccelerationX remained on zero.

    Unfortunately I can not use Webview + , because affect performance and do not work some third-party plug-ins, so please advice on how to make it work the accelerometer? So I need advice, what to do to run the accelerometer?

    On both devices installed android (4.4.2), but on the Galaxy Note2 accelerometer works well on Galaxy Core2 - no.

    I guess cordova not have access to the sensors from Canvas+

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