Abnormality concerning an object set to an image point

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  • I'll get right to it.

    My main character is loaded with image points & some of the objects set to them have image points, themselves. Everything was working fine until I noticed one of these objects "lagging" behind the character while in motion as if it couldn't keep up. This is despite the fact that I have it set to this image point every tick.

    I checked my image points. I checked my origin hot spots. I've checked my event sheet a dozen times. I couldn't find a problem or conflict anywhere. Finally I started building wholly new sprites to replace it but the problem persists

    Does anybody have an idea of what might be going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  • I think the problem is related to the way C2 processes events, not to image points.

    I've seen the same lagging with Pin behavior:

    Create sprites A, B, C

    Add bullet behavior to A

    Pin B to A

    On every tick set C position to B.

    You'll see C lagging, probably because Construct 2 adjusts position for pinned object after all other events.

  • I found a work- around using global variables, under the "every tick" event. Got everything nice & solid!

    Thank you!

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