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  • In the game I am currently creating I would like my Dude to race against 2 other characters as they run on obstacle course picking up objects for points and power ups.

    Is it possible to have the other 2 characters controlled by the cpu to have them chase these objects and power ups? Also, will it affect the mechanics if say A.I Player 2 chases after an object or power up and the Human Player or A.I Player 1 gets to it first - thus making the object or power up disappear?

  • Possible ... But you'll need to explain your game with more details !

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  • Thanks for the reply Whiteclaws-A.K.A Kbdmaster,

    I haven't figured out the start but I plan on having 3 kids standing at the beginning of an obstacle course talking smack about who can finish first. The Human player (Player 1) and 2 other players controlled by the computer. I plan on having a few power ups along with other objects that they can collect as they run through the course. It won't be an obstacle course per se, (no ropes to climb, ladders to scale etc. etc.

    There will platforms, hollowed out tree trunks that will hold secret power ups and things like that.

    I was hoping that the other 2 characters running the race could be controlled by the computer, - but not running on a pre determined route. Maybe running toward a power up, wether that power up be up high on a platform or down low in a tree trunk. But if the Human player gets to it first, the CPU characters will continue on toward the next special power up. Again, whether it be high, low or somewhere in the middle.

    The race concludes when all 3 players have crossed the finish line.

    It sounds difficult now that I write it out. This will be my first undertaking in game creation. Blame it on Construct2. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Well ... I blame ponies !

    Will it be a platformer , a top-down racer or an isometric racer ?

    That's the point I wanted to know !

    I also blame cupquakes ! C2 is innocent !

  • It will be a platformer. Kinda like that little blue guy... Mario. You will be able to go forward and back, incase you miss a power up, at your own risk of losinjg the game.

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