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Everything is made via physics, Very simple code: 6 events only (3 for tank creation, 2 for controls and 1 for camera)
  • The top down game I am curently working on is kind of like breakout, but played with 2 tanks on either side of the screen - Ally (human) and Enemy (CPU). You must destroy the enemy! Ofcourse. But first you must get through the wall of blocks. Each tank will have a health meter, 3 hits you die and win the game.

    The first level will be easy, just a wall of bricks. The later levels will have a maze of bricks that can be destroyed. All of this will be played inside an arena styled static background with four surrounding walls for the bomb to bounce off of. If "your" bomb misses the enemy tank and you are able to catch it, it will give you a power up (undetermined as of yet).

    I need (would like) to have the tank think for itself. Shoot at the Ally tank, Move but avoid the blocks that have not yet been destroyed, try and avoid the incoming ally bomb.

    Anyone have any knowledge of this? Could you point me in the right direction? I've searched but most of the examples are for enemies marching in a predetemined path, or attack if player gets in range, things like that.

    I am very new to game making and C2. I have no clue about arrays, variables, etc... Although I am reading up on the subjects. They may prove helpful later on.

    Any kick in the right direction on how to implement these things will be highly appreciated.

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