8movement behavior - how to make faster side movements

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  • Hi there,

    i have a flying character where i applyed 8movement behavior. He is constantly flying forward ( simulating pressing right). The player is only controling up and down and i want to make the response to these movements faster as it is now. Without the character going faster forward, i want to make it faster up and down (without changing the max speed). Any ideas please? Sorry for the english, hope its clear Thanks!

  • You need to move the character other way. Maybe move at angle, or with another behavior.

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  • Sisyphus can you be please a little more specific? Thanks

  • Sisyphus can you be please a little more specific? Thanks

    Well i try. You can make the movements manually, without behavior, only events, something like: on key pressed, player - move at angle. Or maybe, if you need only up and down become faster you can still use behavior but add a condition like on button(that moves player up or down) pressed then set 8 direction speed to 900(or how much you need). Then add event that if that key is not pressed then set player speed to default.Or maybe you can just speed up the player if he goes up and down, just add event that if button(that moves player up or down) pressed, player move at angle(angle that you need) with 2 pixels distance lets say, this will make up and down movements a bit faster.

  • Perhaps you want the background to move backwards instead of the player moving forwards. That way you will have a smaller layout. Either way, you can use events and actions to drive the forward (or backward) movement and the 8direction behavior to move up/down (or more events and actions). It's pretty easy in fact. See the attached file.

  • Thanks guys im now able to move on with it...!

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