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  • I was wondering how to do a 8-direction plataform game , like Ninja Turtles or Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?

    Maybe a better question would be how to implement a jump to the 8-direction behaviour?

  • I'm making a game like that, and I created an animation of jumping to simulate the effect of jumping!

  • I'm making a game like that, and I created an animation of jumping to simulate the effect of jumping!

    I thought about make a jump animation... but is it the only way?

    Is there a preview of your game that I could see your results?

  • ok I'll upload a preview on dropbox!

    Edit Post:

    I make a new one, it's just an example to show you the idea!

    New link:

    Preview Example

    Move - Arrow Keys

    Jump - Space button

  • Thanks for your example. I was able to preview if your method looks natural. It's a nice approach. :D

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  • can you upload the Capx into emaple games i'd very much like to see how you do that

  • Send us the capx. file, please! One question: How the game will recognize that the player can fall into holes and etc? Thanks!

  • Hi guys, It's not really a trick about programing, it's just pure animation effects. The collision points are on the shadow. You can make the shadow and the player in different sprites objects and then make the shadow follow the player by the everytick set position to player image point etc... or integrate it in the animation like I did in my example. Well make the player falling to a hole with this method, I think you need to make a "falling animation", if the jump animation finish or you are in the default animation, or in the "walking/running animation" etc...and your shadow it's overlaping the "hole" start the falling animation and disable the 8-direction until the animation finish, well that's just an idea. The thing is that it's not really a code of programing the jump to move up and down. The animation make the ilusion of jumping. See the image bellow.

    <center><img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58103549/Jump%20animation%20example.png" border="0" /></center>

  • Inspiring work I thought that your solution presented here deserves a tutorial. I "wrote" it. But the credit is all yours.

  • Jailson, Very nice, Thanks! :D

  • Side-scrolling beat-em up next! :)

    You could also add some code based on y-axis for the origins of obstacles, so like streets of rage, turtles or similar, you could hide behind stuff, collect power ups. The only downside would be trying to sort z-axis if you want things like doorways etc.

    You'd have to check whatever the character was overlapping was lower or higher on the y-axis, and if lower (on the screen) set the character to the bottom.

  • Yes indeed, I like using the "move to top of layer" instead of "move to bottom layer" for the player, obstacles and enemies, based on the "Y" position! I know that is the same effect with an inverted solution, but works better for me :D! Well that's other topic! We should make a new one for that! It's quite interesting and usefull for this kind of game!

  • Wow! Very thanks "SamCartagenaPR", your words was very very enlightening, keep helpin' us, bro!

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