7th Layout Glitching Frequently in Beginning in Node Webkit Preview and Other Translations

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  • Has anybody noticed this as well?

    I'm pretty sure something weird is going on because I recoded this layout from scratch 3 times, even renamed all the functions, so there can't be any possible conflicts, and respliced it in, into working capxs several times and always the same results.

    I know I said it was the third layout before, but I was wrong. It's the 7th.

    To give you an idea I have been using multiple sound tracks for a while now in my capx (loading and unloading since this seems to have been fixed [with no overt announcement]).

    And this never ever happens in the browser versions of the game, only in translations, Node webkit preview, Xbox translation, Android, etc.

    Could this be what Radical Panda was talking about? That the browser gets overloaded/confused and these things happen when you start to get too fancy?

    Of course, I can't post the entire capx for examination (it's about 4,000 lines) or even that layout as it has some proprietary effects invented by me (no special plugins), but after like thousands of plays, this is the only thing that does not appear to be working consistently.

    Some people have also complained about touch not working too great in Android builds, even on simple menu selections (I have experienced this as well occasionally).

    And of course the Xbox exporter/login feature coding is completely broken in C2.

    I don't know if it works in C3.


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