60FPS, Microlags, wtf?

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  • This sounds like just another case of v-sync accuracy. There's already a bunch of threads about it on the forum. It also appears to affect other tools and varies depending on the system, so I think it depends to some extent on the OS, drivers or hardware.

    then nothing can be done about it

  • Why not make all of the rockFam objects the same width as the layout, then you won't need to resize them every tick? The engine only renders what's on screen, so it makes no difference. You could also try to position a bunch of bg_road_stone objects randomly at the start of the layout, then you can delete the bg_road_stone conditions. Same goes for the obj_noSolid conditions.

    You must use dt as I directed as well in my earlier post... Your response led me think that you weren't going to bother making those changes.

    Finally, I am sorry to report, if your android hardware is not top spec then you're likely to encounter problems like these using html5 on older mobile hardware and there is nothing else you can do.

  • You write about the performance of the project in vain, because, as you can see, I just started it and did not care about optimization at all. All the points about which you speak, do not in any way affect the problem with which I addressed the forum.

    The "rockFam" objects do not change the size every tick, they change the size only at the moment when their end becomes "viewportRight", only at this point 2000 pixels are added to their width, which does not affect performance in any way. In future i will re-positioning of background instead of resizing them

    I do not really understand how to create a game runner and do not track the position of objects for further re-movement abroad layout. Usually I do it every 0.1 seconds instead of every tick

    And I read the article you gave me and started using it exactly as you wrote to me. Thanks for this)

    P.S. I could something wrong translate and to answer

  • Making dynamic games for mobile using this platform is often fraught with frustrations like the ones you are experiencing. Html5 wrapped games do not nearly perform as well as native options like Unity or Corona SDK etc. I can only suggest you minimize the number of condition checks that happen each tick - every option to reduce cpu load should be embraced. But it may not be enough, even then... I started with c2 with the same intentions and have moved on to other platforms because of this. :/

  • You right. But for 2 years of using C2 I made a lot of dynamic games. Even when the level of my knowledge was very low and I did not care about optimization, I did not encounter such a problem. It happened literally in the last 2 games. For me it's very strange, so I applied to your forum.

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  • I just tried the HTML5 version in the link above (http://q3olegkagames.com/project/test/).

    As others have said, the performance is very jittery and jerky. Strangely, when I dragged the browser window from my secondary monitor to the monitor on my *laptop*, the movement instantly became buttery smooth! (I can make a video if anyone would find that helpful...)

    UPDATE: I just tried the same experiment on my laptop at home. I've got a fairly fast rig but unfortunately I'm seeing the same jerkiness on my secondary monitor AND my laptop monitor.

  • UPDATE: I just tried the same experiment on my laptop at home. I've got a fairly fast rig but unfortunately I'm seeing the same jerkiness on my secondary monitor AND my laptop monitor.

    Thanks for the test. So the problem remains?

    I'm wondering if someone else will create the same game and if this is a problem of v-sync, as Ashley says, then the lags will not be lost?

  • Some more tests...

    Here are the specs for my work laptop:

    ASUS running Windows 10 (64 bit)

    Intel I7 2.6 GHz (8 CPUs)

    DirectX 12

    GeForce GTX 970M

    I have two external monitors, a Dell and a Lenovo. I ran some tests using my laptop monitor as my "main" screen, and more tests after making my Dell monitor my "main".



    The demo runs like butter. The vehicle and the background are perfectly smooth. No microlags or jerkiness at all.


    The vehicle and the background show pronounced jerking and lag.



    The vehicle and shadow look perfect but the background has some slight jerkiness. It is MUCH better than the jerkiness mentioned above.


    The vehicle looks perfect, but the background looks a little blurry? (As if it was being rendered in a location and then a millisecond later rendered one pixel to the left or right.) Despite any possible blurriness it still looks great.

    It will be interesting to see if the new C3 runtime makes this better!

  • I cant find it now but there is a years old Chrome bug thread related to vsync issues when running multiple monitors , especially when they are different types (laptop / desktop) and different brands, which could have very slightly different ideal refresh rates. If I remember correctly the browsers get the refresh rate from the operating system which is based on whatever the display driver deems appropriate for whatever display. So one will be OK but the other janky. It might help to make sure you have the official up to date drivers for your monitors. (Not many people bother with this but it is important for the operating system to know the correct refresh rates and color outputs.)

    But basically its a far more complex issue than can be solved by C3 update/runtime alone.

    If I find the link I will update.

  • Some more tests...

    wow, excellent tests)

    but what is the conclusion? The lag is related with the vertical sync? But why in other games on C2 such a there is no? Even in the same dynamic games

    I cant find it now but there is a years old Chrome bug thread related to vsync issues when running multiple monitors

    at the moment I know for sure that:

    • problem in all browsers
    • microlags are more noticeable if the computer (phone) has low performance at the given time (let's say many third-party programs are open)
    • I only have two games with this problem, with the rest of the similar games there is no such problem
  • The test runs utterly smooth and jank free for me.

    Im using a surface pro with crappy integrated graphics.

    On both a single monitor and dual monitor set up.

    Including moving the tab window from one monitor to the surface screen while running.

    note I am using Chrome Canary

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