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  • so i have a sprite, left /right rotates him.

    If an object is within 270-90 degrees i want to spawn a wall image.

    this wall image needs to move left from center if the player rotates left and vice versa

    i was trying to set the angle to a variable, then

    if it is between 0-90 = 225+(225/sin(angle)

    if it is between 270-360 = 225-(225/sin(angle)

    (i use sin as at 90deg sin =0, and 0deg=1 so it will get closer to mid 225)

    it sort of works but not in the right places, this makes me think i have bad maths, but it adds up(i also use abs for the - angle)

    I was experimenting with los and opacity to help define if a sprite should be created.

    the objective is to have a rotating head that views scenery based from a 2d instance.

    any ideas will surely help anyone trying to make 3d

    I will adjust size and height of object compared to distance later. i can upload a capx but its just a moving line in the wrong place atm

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