How do I make 3d game in construct?

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  • How do I make 3d game in construct? Where i find some toturial or exaple file capx?

  • You can't. Construct 2 is a 2D engine. There may be a way to fake it using a plug-in, but I'm not sure. There is a plug-in around here somewhere, but I don't think it's that great at all. Your best bet is to render 3D images to sprites and fake the 3D in Construct.

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  • How do I make 3d game in construct? Where i find some toturial or exaple file capx?

    The plugin is called Q3D. Check out its demos. Just amazing.

  • You should elaborate on the type of "3D" game you'd like to make. That way people can direct you to different resources.

    So yeah, C2 isn't a 3D engines but there are ways to create 3D effects through serious math and coding skills. There's a Doom-like FPS capx on the tutorials section. There are also plugins that can add 3d effects to C2, like the one Gmoney mentioned. There's another 3D platformer plugin that seems pretty cool. Look up 2.5D platformer plugin maybe.

    If you want to find capx examples and tutorials, use the search function and type in "3d", "fake 3d", "pseudo 3d" or some other combination of words. I've got some examples I've collected but can't share them till I'm home.

  • I made a dropbox folder with 13 different examples of 3D, fake 3D and 2.5D created by the other talented people on the forum. You'll need plugins for a handful of them. Some capx example seem pretty simple, like the overhead GTA-like ones. The ones that simulate "real" 3D through math seem quite complicated though. ... 3yTba?dl=0

  • Cool! Heyguy you best!

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